BBO Poker Tables Warranties
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Premium Poker Tables

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BBO Poker Tables Warranties

BBO Poker Tables Warranties

Warranty & Peace of Mind

What BBO Poker Tables doesn't have is a long winded warranty that actually doesn't cover anything when you read the fine print.

What they do offer is a one year warranty from defects and craftsmanship. They promise to ship you a quality product, and if within the first year, your table fails as a result of craftsmanship (excluding wear and tear and accidents), they will fix or replace the broken part, up to replacing the table.

The option to fix or replace is at the sole discretion of BBO Poker Tables and pictures will be necessary to help them determine the best course of action for any warranty claim.

Unfortunately, the warranty is void if damage is caused by improper and abnormal use. Someone drinks too much, and gets taken out on a bad beat, flips the table, and body slams it and rips the armrest, they offer their condolences. They suggest you not invite them next time.

A Few Tips for Your Poker Table!

  • Consider scotch guarding your table upon receipt, it will not make it waterproof, but it will make it less prone to dirt.
  • Always have two people pick up a poker table. Never move a poker table alone.
  • The rails on a poker table are the most delicate part of a poker table, and should, under no circumstances be dragged across the floor. Always pick up first, and then move.
  • Consider getting a cover. Proper poker table covers overlap the armrest. The less abuse the armrest is exposed to, the longer your table will last.
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