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Premium Poker Tables

Premium Poker Tables

Aces Pro TableAces Pro Table
Elite Poker TableElite Poker Table
Lumen Poker TableLumen Poker Table
Nighthawk TableNighthawk Table
Rockwell TableRockwell Table
The Ginza LED Poker TableThe Ginza LED Poker Table
Ultimate Poker Table JrUltimate Poker Table Jr
Caro's Major Poker Seminar video

Caro's Major Poker Seminar video

Caro's Major Poker Seminar video
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Attend one of Mike Caro’s intense, easy learning poker seminars in your own home. This video will stand by itself or can be a companion to Caro’s Power Poker Seminar DVD. Some of the “Power Poker” video’s advice is underscored in this “Major Poker” version by being presented differently at another location. This is real, unscripted poker education covering betting, raising, bluffing, tells, manipulation, motivation, and much more. In exclusive additional footage, Caro teaches and enhances key points after presenting them live.

Presenter: Mike Caro
Mike Caro University (MCU)
Running time: 1 hour
Copyright 1998, 2007

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