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Anyone who has played Texas Holdem poker long enough has at one time misread their starting hand, also referred to as "hole cards". If this hasn't happened to you, it's likely you've at least witnessed this. A player bets big on the river only to get called, then losing the hand because he mistakenly thought he had a flush......well, his hole cards weren't suited afterall!

Have you ever caught a glimpse of another player's hole cards? Chances are,  they are struggling with the ambient lighting, thus exposing their cards while trying to view them.

A number of factors hinder a player from getting a clear view of their cards. Dimly lit card rooms are plentiful. Also, many players like to wear sunglasses while playing. You've seen it, players taking seemingly forever to peel back their cards, trying to read them. Even more, the eye fatigue associated with long playing sessions and tournaments only adds to this.

Poker is all about edges so seeing your cards clearly and easily,  while hidden from others, is hugely important.  The FeltLite wristband offers this advantage so that you can focus on the other nuances of this extremely complex game, that is Texas Holdem.

FeltLite was specifically designed to address these issues. The band is 100% silicon and very comfortable to wear. The Patent pending design has incorporated a pressure activated LED light that turns on when it is needed, stays off until it is.  As the player moves to view their hole cards, the sensor in the band is triggered by contact with the table surface. The LED then directs  light so the player can clearly see their cards, while still keeping them well concealed from others. It can be worn on either wrist to accomodate each players hole card viewing style. And the replaceable CR 2032 lithium battery will assure many reliable playing sessions with FeltLite wristband.

Lite up your game with FeltLite!

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