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Poker Chip Sets for Sale

Buy Poker Chip Sets
We have various poker chip sets for sale, including sets in aluminum poker chip cases as well as cigar tray poker chip cases and even mahogany poker chip cases. There are authentic casino poker chip sets and clay poker chips sets, along with 300 piece chips sets up to 1,000 piece chip sets.

300 chips set 500 chips set
600 chips set 1000 chips set

Great Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

The right set of poker chips adds the final touch to making the game feel more authentic-like the stakes are high, even when you are just playing for fun. They also make it far easier to manage money amounts. All of our poker chip sets for sale are made to high standards. You will really get the feel of your favorite casinos with chips from our fine selection of products.

We worked long and hard to get everything about our poker chip sets for sale to live up to the high standards and expectations of our customers. The weight, color variety, and feel of our chips did not happen by accident. Even the noise these chips make when stacked and moved around will be authentic. There are essentially two types of poker chip you will find at Texas Poker Store. The material some of our poker chip sets are made from is a composite resin, and a special insert inside the chip that adds weight. Other chips are made from clay or ceramic materials just like the casinos. For decorative flair, the edges of the chips can have details added to the edges, such as card suits and crowns.

Our Poker Chip Sets are Housed in Some of the Finest Cases

At Texas Poker Store, our poker chip sets come in beautiful, decorative boxes that look the part while housing your chips. You may end up as proud of the case as you are for the chips. Many of the cases for our poker chip sets look like the classiest of cigar humidors. They also can hold decks of cards and dice, making them extra convenient for the busy game room. Many cases are lined with felt to protect the objects placed inside, and when put on display, these poker chip set cases make a great addition to the décor of your space. Finishing the elegant case is a magnet which firmly holds everything together while maintaining a simplified and elegant appearance.

Poker chip sets for the more heavy duty gaming situations come in one thousand piece sets. These sets are kept in sturdy acrylic cases with handles for easy transport.

With product offerings like these, it is easy to see why more people are choosing Texas Poker Store as their go-to online shop to buy poker chip sets and accessories.

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